You can increase the veh's speed up to the ACC stat, If the veh have boosters you can use 2xACC, pass a pilotcheck w/ Speed mods or the veh skids
You can decrease the veh's speed up to the DEC stat, If you brake (decrease speed from 2xDEC to 3xDEC), pass a pilotcheck w/ Speed mods or the veh skids

Speed Modifiers Initiative Turning ACC Braking
Speed 0” -6 N/A -3
Speed 1”-11”

Speed 12”-20” -2 -2
Speed 21”-40” -3 -3 -2 -4
Speed 41”-80” -4 -4 -4 -6

Turn Modifiers:
0-45° None
45-90° Speed Mods
90°+ -4 and Speed Mods


You move towards the tableedge, only moving the difference in speed of the involved cars
Speed: The amount of inches the civillian cars move towards you
Appear: New cars appear at the end of the road in your direction, every pip over succes will spawn an extra car 3" after the first

Lane Speed Appear
3rd 2d6-4 1d6: 6+
2nd 2d6 1d6: 5+
1st 2d6+4 1d6: 4+
Emergency As lead car 2d6: 11+

If players start in urban area, they can drive for the highway, reaching it in X turns
On a Highway, exit ramps will spawn on 1d6: 5+
Urban 2d6 roll for new road type:
2 T-Cross end
3 90-Turn Right
4 90-Turn Left
5 Cross
6 T-Cross cont.
7 Bend Right
8 Bend Left
9 Exit Lane
10 Straight
11 Straight
12 2 lane in both directions
If 2 lanes in both directions, roll for each direction separetly adjusting turn direction, ends when one of them rolls 2-5