Omari, capital of Rhanna, segmentum Solar

Shovelling debris wasn't what we had in mind, when we came to the conclusion that any job would do, but being kicked out of bootcamp a few weeks before graduating wasn't exactly part of any plan either.

Playing a prank on our drill instructor seemed funny at the time, but the dishonorable discharge and red flags in our files still feels unfair. I think the only thing we learned from that was not to mix the following: Tripwire, superglue in a spraycan, confetti, door, Sgt showing his superior the barracks, lit cigarette. It did show me my true friends, as they stepped forward to share the blame after some other squadmembers were eager to point their fingers at me after the incident.

I guess luck favors the fool 'cause after three months without a job, a lunatic decides to fly a warpfreighter into the hivecity Omari obliterating nearly half of it. I'm not sure it helped the few survivors, that he was labelled a terrorist, but it did land us a job with TerraMax to reconstruct the city.

The job was dusty, dirty and hard, our living quarters were a container with bunkbeds and all we had was our clothes, but at least we were all together and got paid.

We soon run into some security goons with no humor, after a quick brawl, the foreman comes by and glances at his security littering the ground, he enrolls us as on-site security, as he found parts of it inadequate. Guess violence does pay as our salery almost doubled and our new job is a breeze compared to lifting debris around.

Shock Mauls are fun
After a month or so there is peace on our part of the site, just a few clumsy workers bruising themselves in freak falling accident, totally unrelated to us, kinda, sorta... well. The foreman must have had his eyes on us, we're told to pack all our things and come with him. He smiles as we tell him we're wearing all our belongings. On our way he hands Nathaniel a small bag and tells us to log in with our in-house security handle: C242, all the info we need should be on the netslate and our eqipment is in habhut 23.

We're almost ecstatic as we walk toward Terramax' makeshift office compound: Promoted again, a shiny netslate, credcard and a key to our new home, the future looks so bright we might have to buy shades.
Seeing a container with a large 23 stencilled on the front as we walk through the perimeter, brings us back down to ground, looks like we'd lived in a 'habhut' all along. Habhut was more fitting though, this container has a small door instead of the massive ones on our last and a turn of the key reveals quite an upgrade from our last residence: Table and chairs, lights in the ceiling, pillows on the bunkbeds and a small kitchen with refrigerator, a veritable heaven.

Adriana looks at the netslate, but quickly turns it off, shouting "Head for the bus to town! On the double!"
We lock the hut and run for the bus, once inside, Adriana flashes a big smile, waving the credcard in front of her: "First order of business is getting some new rags to wear, then we head for the flaming turd's house for showers. The best, or nearest, bar is Shooting Star and after we reach that, all bets are off". We all chuckle at the promise of alcohol, but almost as much at the thought of crashing the house for showers. 'The flaming turd' was the guy, who ratted us out back at bootcamp, I guess she found his parents' address.

Big heads, small uniforms
I wake to the sound of an alarm getting louder and louder, trying to open my eyes, I decide to stand up first. The alarm suddenly stops and is replaced by a giggle, the light hurts my eyes and sends thumping pain into my head. I see William at the table with the netslate as memories from last night flashes in my head: "Some kind of party last .." I trail off as I noticed my voice has become a low rasping growl. Somewhere a strange voice tells me that all we have to do today is pick up some gear from a depot somewhere. At least I'm not the only one with a hangover from hell, I can feel the pull of my bed with every thump of pain going through my head and I go back to sleep.

I wake to loud laughter, feeling a bit better, seems Willam's younger, but much bigger brother Billy has difficulty getting his uniform on. I'm thrown a clear plasic bag with my uniform, even though my body aches putting it on, I'm pretty sure it fits. Everyone are in uniform, some wearing white helmets; visor, respirator and all, I smile as we begin to look like someones to reckon with. Nathaniel comes over breathing heavely in the respirator, saying laughingly: "Join the dark side, we have guns", he hands me a shotgun. It's been a while since I've held a gun in my hands, but the newly issued shotgun feels comfortable.

TerraMax Escort Services
Not much to say about our next task, some highranking TerraMax woman has to get here from the spaceport, not really sure who this Sofia Del a Rente are, we tried to google her without getting any hits. We did get some combat gear, wether it's for show or they think something might happen wasn't mentioned in the briefing. Better stay alert and order some artillery. Billy actually ordered a heavy bolter, of course he didn't get one, but he did cut a deal with the boss at the equipmentdepot - a grenade launcher for a bottle of amasec.

I meet the crew in our habhut as I return from the city: "Seems we make good impressions even when we're intoxicated beyond belief, I swung by the Shooting Star to find a good store to buy the bottle and got a good discount on a fine amasec and a wide grin from the bartender." I place the bottle on the kitchen table. Billy smiles: "You clever clever girl, I just figured 2 bottles would be greasing him up for further deals, but I like your thinking way better." Nate:"Hope you remembered to pick up some iho sticks for me", He looks up from their BrandVagten Cardgame to the bottle, "Pass that amasec boi! Might as well keep the party going since we're not working today." I quickly search the grocery bag for his iho sticks and throw them to the other end of the room. As Nate goes for the iho sticks, I give the amasec to Billy whispering: "Think you better deliver this now."

Billy returns with the grenade launcher slung over his shoulder holding a box, William snatches the launcher, his toolbox already open on the bed, I do manage to see it's actually a drum fed launcher, like they use in the PDF. Billy is a bit annoyed: "He only had smoke and teargas ammo for it, at least the bastard knew it was bad 'cause he threw an extra mag and a riflescope in the deal." Things were looking good, even Adriana badmouthing the depot boss paid of; we got a pick-up truck to go with the armoured car, she was thinking of getting a better car, but I think Billy on the back of the truck is way better than having to cram his bulk inside a civilian vehicle.

Kids with Guns
We had a fine drive to the spaceport, those riding in the armoured car missed Billy's enthusiastic roars of ”Oh yeah” every 5 minutes on the bed of the pickup truck. We waited at the entrance to the arrival hall as Billy and Hiro went inside to pick up this Sophia del a Rente.

At first we did comm checks every 10 minutes, then we started chatting with Hiro since he was stuck with Billy, who spend the time in silence, looking at his grenade launcher.

According to what Hiro had heard, off-world traffic had increased a lot, since the crash. A lot of the trade houses astropaths and most of the governments, had been killed at that time, the few remaining were transported to military bunkers for safety and enrolled by the government, so many trade houses relied on dispatches travelling with information now. Guess the reconstruction of Omari was the least of the problems, compared to off-world communication being cut down to almost nothing, betting that it would be impossible for civilians to get a message out when the trade houses had problems. Not that any of us knew anyone outside Rhanna or Omari really, as we were feeling like unique frost flakes – just like everybody else, we decided to take a trip some day, anywhere really, a farm town would do, just as long as it meant we had seen more than just Omari and boot camp.

Miss Del a Rente showed up, we cleared a doorway as good as we could and got her a few steps down the stairs into the buzzling crowd, when Billy yelled GUN.

First attacker went down with half his torso mangled by a shotgun wound, the second had his charge at Willy intercepted with a deft blow to the head by Billy's gun stock, after that we managed to stand firm against the stampede of fleeing civilians.

Blah blah shooting, some driving, shooting, more driving.