Contact: Billy Stoker
Name: Unknown -maybe Willy or William as his mailaddress is fatwilly
Residence: TerraMax field office, Omari, Rhanna.
Job: Boss at TerraMax's Fieldoffice equipment depot.
Mail: Office: equipmentdepot@TerraMax.SegSolarRhanna Private: fatwilly@google.segSolarRhanna
Negatives: Might be a drunk, not verified.
Positive: Willing to trade equipment for liquor.
Reputation: Liked




Sofia Del a Rente
Residence: Unknown, Current location: TerraMax field office, Omari, Rhanna
Job: HighRanking TerraMax
Met when she was escorted from Omari Spaceport to TerraMax's field office at Omari
Reputation: Tryouts



Residence: TerraMax Prime Office, Bahiga, Rhanna
Job: TerraMax Data Department
Met during Operation Electric Worry
Gear: LasPistol, EMP Grenade, eShield, NetSlate, Magnoculars w/ HeatVision, Phone w/ gps
Reputation: On the Brink

Marshal Everett Young
Residence: Omari, Rhanna, Segmentum Solar
Job: Marshal for the Adeptus Arbites at Rhanna
Met at the debriefing after TerraMax VIP Escort
Reputation: Tryouts