A contact is a friendly npc that you've met during play
You can request various actions from contacts
Usually contacts have higher and/or other skills than you, that you can benefit from

You start with 0-1 Contacs

Cost of Contact Actions
You pay X Storypoints, but payment is only due before you next request (AS a maintnance of the relationship/ return of favors) GM should ask for payment
if it isn't paid in a long time
Shared contacts requires payment from both players, no specific amount from each, but each player pays at least 1 storypoint (Even if the payment is only 1 storypoint)

Burning Contacts
You can make a second request, without paying for the first
Usually no ill will towards you, but you can never use them again (Shared Contacts will burn if one player burns them)

Contact Actions
Gather information
Help on Missions: Takes a mind test, if HP gets below an individual set amount – Not their problem, just coming along as a favor to you
Repair Items: If present on same planet, if not: pay creds for shipping and wait for return of item
Shopping - Store: Places an order with their discount, that you pick up
Shopping - Shady: Tags along, for availability and discount
Hang Out: Use contact as if she's a member of your group (Cost depends on traveltime) – Some contacts will not travel
Contacts will get same amount of Storypoints as players + 1
Roll mind+ presence as skillcheck with MindWitch modifiers to see if contact comes (Don't pay if they don't)

Contact asking for favors (GM or guest GM Controlled)
Side/bonus “Quest”: “Do this / get that” - type (In return you may get creds, items, Storypoints (Tied to this contact)
Offer New Job: If their lvl in company is high enough
Offer discount or rare items