Action Cost Upkeep Effect
Move* 1

Run* * Choose one per activation 1
Only in a straight Line
Charge* 3
One attack w/+2 Damage and only in a straight Line
Shuffle (once per activation) -
2” additional move
Attack 2

Go Prone ½

Stand Up ½

Seek 1
Reveals hidden enemies on 12+PercCheck in your CtrlZone
Reload ½

Burst 3

Hide 1 1
Draw/holster weapon 1
1½ Actions for Heavy weapons


Hack 2

Pick Lock (with Lock Pick) 1

Exchange Gear 1
1 Action paid by both
Heal 2
Remove 1d6+2 damage from lowest row

Combat Reactions

Reactions must be declared before attacker rolls any dice

Reaction Cost Upkeep Effect
Dodge 1
Add 1d6 to your defence value
Dive for cover 2
Dive 2” into cover from attacker, ending in prone position
Scream like a girl n/a
Give the appearance that this is your first fight
Duck 2
Add 2d6 to your defence value