Standard Operating Procedure

Output: Mail1 DB, Trucker Master, Boardgame Caf, Lindhard about their need for new wear.
Update BV wear/ produce new.

Output: Mail2 Skoleansvarlig and ask for floorplans.
Input: Updated Floorplans.
Output: Calculate number of sleepers per hall.
Internal planning: What can we do, to dampen the lights in the hallways and at FrontDesk.

Mail IT-Guru Peter Lind about access to Infosys and expected opening date for Sign-Up.

Output: New years Mail3.
Output: Contact Groups Mail4
Input: Sign-Up starts: Sign up and get below 3 digits in your participant number
Input: Sign-Up closed: Access Info.sys -> Print "Reserved" signs5.
Get local phone numbers for police/firedepartment/emergency room, plot the emergency room address into the GPS.

Konichiwa Bitches.
Check map on participant flier6.
15:00 Konichiwa BV Auxilliary Staff and BV Supporters.
Ravenous chat with Ministry of Plenty about getting the first batch of tst.
Check measurements in main sleeping halls, confirm with map, lay the lines.
Check Crew's sleeping locations.
Check Boardingschools' sleeping locations.
Check firefighting gear on the premises.
Setup FrontDesk7.

Check map on participant flier.
Propitious chat with Ministry of Plenty about the amount of tst left.
12:ish - 23:00 Check-In8.
23:00 BV Shift begins.

09:00 Shift shifts, GDS takes over.
Extemporaneous chat with Ministry of Plenty about the amount of tst left.
18:00 BV Support Dinner.

23:00 BV Shift begins.
Hank & Mike (Shown at FrontDesk)

09:00 Shift shifts, GDS takes over.
Elated chat with Ministry of Plenty about the amount of tst left.
Sell empty X-Ray cans.
Beer-Risk (Mikkel is cpt, sidekick supports him, rest takes turn doing the beer runs).
23:00 BV Shift begins.

09:00 Shift shifts, GDS takes over.
Auspicious chat with Ministry of Plenty about the amount of tst left.
23:00 BV Shift begins.
09:00 Shift shifts, GDS takes over.
Sardonic chat with Ministry of Plenty about the amount of tst left.
23:00 BV Shift begins.

07:00 Clear FrontDesk and personal belongings, then pack the BV shuttles.
??:?? All on deck, wake up call Remember to check whether the time you got was real-time or Bunker-time and stress that the first might arrive for duty 15 minutes after the wake up call.
Clear the premises, check everywhere for things left behind and deliver it next to the Bunker's ad hoc commandcentral
Off-site sleep for those on the Sunnight Shift
Join Hell-Monday
Illogical chat with Ministry of Plenty about the amount of tst left
Sayonara MotherBitches (Remember we're all civilians now, so hugs and props to everyone).

General Conduct

Addressing people
Use their surname until they ask you to use their first name. When they ask you to, bow slightly, mostly with your head, keep eyecontact and use their surname one last time in your reply.

Note on female courtesy titles: Ms. is correct regardless of a woman's marital status and is pronounced miss (mz). In danish use frken unless you're certain they are married or they ask to be called Fru. Miss and mrs. was blended as a convenience to writers of business letters by such publications as the Bulletin of the American Business Writing Association (1951) and The Simplified Letter, issued by the National Office Management Association (1952). Ms. is now widely used in both professional and social contexts. In danish there is only the written equivalent to this; Fr.

Helping People
After helping them or when they thank you, ask if they need anything else, if not, tell them to find you at FrontDesk or around, if anything else comes up. Bow slightly, mostly with your head, keep eyecontact and bid them a good day.

Electronicly Assisted Communication

Always answer a call with "BrandVagten, what are you wearing?"

If it's a message for others/all BV that can't be relayed within 2.6 seconds to the proper recipient or something to take care of later, you write it down.

Answer a call with "BrandVagten, BV4 speaking", just insert your own callsign.
Formulate your question/message before you press the button, so it's clear and precise.
End your question/message with "thisshig rrrerrk", to let the others know it's their turn to speak.
End conversations with over and out.

If it's an incoming message for others/all of BV that can't be relayed within 2.6 seconds to the proper recipient or something to take care of later, you write it down.
Do not make calls if the wookienet is used for organizing the start of the game blocks; they will get annoyed and it alerts them to the fact that you haven't delivered the wookie to them as you're supposed to.
If it's past 3am and there isn't any bedtime stories from Dirt Busters, you should kindly request one.


1) Intergroup Gear Mail
Hola, skal I have tshirts eller andet gear lavet, s meld tilbage med designs eller ideer. Deadline er 1. November.


2) Floorplans
Updated and with measurements/pictures from the sleeping locations, pictures of FrontDesk location and hallways (electrical outlets, ceiling light).

Notes on pictures: Start with the northmost wall, left side, take pictures of the walls clockwise, so everyone seeing them knows what they're looking at, even with multiple pictures needed for one wall, the amount of pictures and the visible corners will be an indicator as to what is where.

3) BV Support Dinner
Held thursday under Fastaval at 1800hours.
Divide the bill at the table after it's been paid, those who can't pay cash, will be given a note of the amount and stop at an ATM on the way back.
Because Monday- tuesday is setup, not all are here and Fastaval insn't launced yet. Wednesday is Check-In day; we are busy. Friday is reserved for l-Risk. Saturday; everybody else gets drunk. Sunday; Banquet or party. Monday; people just want to head home.

3) New Years Mail
To: All BV Groups
''Info on our plans and how far we are, dates for BV Fastaval Mixer''
Check your personal gear and order new tshirt and stuff if needed.
When will you show up at Fastaval?

Do you intend to join BV Support Dinner?

Do you intend to join BV Fastaval Mixer?

How do you want to join our X.ray Stock?

Remember Gear Day at the end of January.

4) Mail BV Contact Groups
To: Trucker, FU, TSK, Chainsaw Fisting, Spil Caf, LindHard, Generalen
Fastaval is around the corner and we're almost ready, hope you are too.
When will you show up at Fastaval? And will you need some help unloading or getting settled?
Do you intend to join BV Support Dinner? (link to forum)
It's at Theater Restauranten, thursday at 1800hours. Meals are about 120 kroner without beverages, we will arrange transport.
Do you intend to join BV Fastaval Mixer? (link to forum)

5) Reserved Signs
If Fastaval are pressed for sleeping spots, we can take all the non-partout sleepers and see how many of them can share a spot.
Wednesday/Thursday : Participant number etc.

6) Participant Map
Primarely to check if there is any names on the sleeping halls, they should be numbered, not named.
If we have 'quiet' printed on one, people will be demanding to be moved or have someone moved, you don't talk in any sleeping hall and at least one will snoring loudly at any given place or time.
Check doors, fire exits and bathrooms too, sometimes their map isn't up to date.

7) FrontDesk
Desk for writing, BV log, BV Phone, laptop (Infosys, general info).
Desk for hanging out and playing games.
Display Board: Notes on breakfast times, opening hours for pool, wanted notes, GDS Flowchart and messages to GDS.
Salesrack: Earplugs, toothpaste, toothbrushs, flashlights, pregnancy test, condoms, X.ray.
Common use stack: Power outlets, airpumps, hairdryer.
Stock (Hopefully a room nearby, or car parked outside): X.ray, stock for Salesrack, needle and thread, safety pins, air mattrass repair kit, wd40, gaffa tape.

X.ray Stock:
Not to be handed out to anyone, who haven't opted in, can be sold for 10kr.
When selling, deposit the money in the bag at the Stock before you take the X-ray.
All in: For those who want to have x-rays ad libitum during deployment.
Auxiliary X-ray Stock: All in + Handouts to Auxilliary Staff and others who help BrandVagten during deployment.

8) Getting people laid
At FrontDesk
If someone looks like they need help, ask them if they want help, do not start telling them what to do.

Fastaval Check-In
Minimum 3 persons crew, we have a few VIPs and we need to catch all of them.
Look for VIPs, offer them a chair and take care of their check-In. Get their bags to their sleeping quarters. Offer to inflate their mattress and make their bed.

Inside the hall
Point out that the banners mark the location of the night-lights and that they will be lit at all times. Use one arm, fully stretched, palm up when you do.
Point out in which direction they should lie down, saying head or feet in this direction, arms fully stretched palms facing eachother, a shoulderwidth apart. When the hall is getting near full capacity, you may omit this, as the gear left by others should make this obvious.
Tell them not to re-inflate their mattress in the hall during the week, but take it out to FrontDesk and that the FrontDesk will be manned at all times, if they need help moving their mattress.